Whole Body Vibration Machine - Video Information

We are proud to be the largest distributor of vibration training machines. We have shipped thousands of great vibration power machines to every part of North America.

We invite you to take advantage of our years of professional experience and expertise to help choose a vibra pro machine that will meet your needs or your customer’s needs.

Vibration training can do something for every body... in just a few minutes a day.

Here is a collection of videos:

Medical Videos

Whole Body Vibration Benefit – Weight Loss

Whole Body Vibration Benefit – Parkinsons

Vibration Therapy – Multiple Sclerosis

Whole Body Vibration Benefit – Reduction of Cellulite

Whole Body Vibration Benefit – Reduces Muscle and Back Pain

Vibration Therapy – Arthritis

Vibration Therapy – Osteoporosis

Vibration Therapy – Diabetes

Vibration Therapy – Parkinsons

Vibration Therapy – Fibromyalgia

Whole Body Vibration Benefit – Increase Strength

Buyer's Guide Videos

Level 3 Vibration Exercise Machines - Buyers Guide

Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machines – General Buyers Guide

Testimonial Videos

Jim Miki (age 78) – How Vibration Therapy changed my life

Don with Parkinsons

61-year old Frieda

Product Videos

Vibra Pro Genesis Kinetic – Vibration Exercise Machine

Vibra Pro Genesis Sport – Vibration Exercise Machine

Vibra Pro Genesis Elite – Vibration Exercise Machine

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