Level 3 - Multi-Motion - Advanced Motion System

Advanced Multi-Motion Vibration Machines

These whole body vibration machines are relatively new and are sometimes referred to as advanced multi-motion whole body vibration machines, as they are the culmination of oscillating and triplanar motion types. Recently introduced to North America, this level 3 class of vibration exercise machine has become very popular since they are like both oscillating and triplanar machines mixed into one body. All level 3 vibration exercise machines that we offer have had very good whole body vibration reviews. Level 3 machines offer the most varied vibration therapy.

These dual machines have 2 separate drive systems, 2 separate motors and users can turn on just the oscillating motion, the triplanar motion or cross-lateral motion or turn two drives at the same time to give the ultimate vibration therapy and workout experience of weight loss, toning and strength training at the same time. The level 3 machines have man built in programs including weight loss programs and strength training programs. The muscle related programs are sometimes referred to as power plate workouts. The weight loss programs are related to improving lymphatic drainage.

In addition to the oscillation motion, level 3 machines add a unique ‘spiral rotational’ or a unique 'cross-lateral' motion which is similar to triplanar machines but create no damaging impact to joints, so are very effective and safe for all types of users. The level 3 machines are the most versatile vibration exercise machines on the market and offer the most effective and efficient vibration therapy possible.

With their high build quality and more robust dual motor drive systems these level 3 machines are being used in commercial locations such as gyms and medical offices as well as higher end home locations. Still cheaper than buying both an oscillating machine and a triplanar machine, these machines are generally more expensive than either single drive style of machine.

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